Consulting and advisory services for community growth and development

We specialize in providing meaningful solutions; tailored to meet your community’s needs, exceed expectations and support your vision for the future.
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How we do business...

Our work is guided by core values of respect, integrity, accountability, honesty, and open communication.

You are the expert in your reality and vision for the future. What we do is provide tools, technical expertise and creative problem solving to support your community's growth and development.

Looking at the larger picture, we provide strategies and solutions to get your community where you want to go. With competing priorities and limited funding, we strive to ensure every project we develop feeds into your larger priorities to support greater overall success.

Professional Services

Project Management

Never worry about another timeline or reporting again. We take care of everything with effective project management.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning as a collaborative process to map a pathway toward your goals and vision for the future.

Mapping & GIS

We help visualize the relationship you share with the land, using spatial data to inform decision making.

Community Planning

Collaboratively exploring needs and priorities to plan for the future – through community engagement, research and mapping.

Economic Growth

We offer various services to support economic growth: need and gap analysis, sector analysis, marketing plan development, and strategic planning.

Training & Coaching

With our training and coaching services, you build a foundation of skills and knowledge to support true capacity building and sustainability of success.

Funding & Grants

If there is funding out there to support your vision for the future, we’ll connect you… and even do the leg work.

Process Improvement

We develop organizational and administrative solutions to increase quality while saving you time and money.

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