Community Planning and Development Specialists

We specialize in grassroots community planning and development.
Driven by community needs and priorities, we work to develop strategies and implement plans that build toward a better future for generations to come.

Our Team
Monika Lucas
CEO & Community Development Specialist
With over 10 years of education and working experience in mental health, community building, project management, marketing, and medical education, Monika is honoured to be able to apply her skills and abilities to grassroots community planning and development within Anishinaabe communities. Passionate about supporting the holistic health of communities (physical, mental, cultural, economic, social, spiritual, and lands), Monika looks to the inherent strengths and opportunities within communities to help drive positive change. Though she has learned much from the formal education system, throughout two undergrad degrees and Masters level education, she values above all else the teachings she has been given by the people and communities she works with.
Working with Monika means you’re in for a good laugh, meaningful conversation, a “bull-dog” (literally a term from clients) in your corner, and a rise in expectations for what is possible!
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James Booty
Land Planner & GIS Specialist
James is a down-to-earth professional focused on helping communities plan and build for a brighter future for generations to come. He has one foot firmly planted in technology and data, and the other outdoors forging his own way in the beautiful natural environment of Northern Ontario. With extensive training and over four years of experience in both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and land-use planning, James is the perfect fit to work with communities intrinsically connected to the land. Respecting that clients are the experts in their own areas, James applies his specialized knowledge, skills and experience to the needs and priorities identified by the communities themselves. The work James engages in is driven by values of collaboration, community ownership, and capacity building. He is a patient technical trainer and a humble guide in all things planning, GIS and technology – fully invested in all that he does.
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